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The Harvest Club is a community-oriented organization that provides qualified individuals with secure access to high quality cannabis in a safe and responsible manner. The Harvest Club standards of professional operations serve the needs of their customers, the community and the Commonwealth.

We are currently seeking licensing for 3 Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries in the Boston area and a grow facility in the surrounding communities.


In addition to our own facilities we help qualified applicants and entrepreneurs seeking to navigate this complex process.     

Core Values


Highest Quality Products

We cultivate and provide safe, high-quality cannabis and other adult-use products, subject to careful processing and testing by an independent laboratory.



The Harvest Club has a wealth of knowledge, experience and contacts and have built our group to bring those resources to businesses in the Cannabis industry.  We guarantee success in not only seeking and obtaining the licenses to operate but building and growing a successful Cannabis business.


We offer a variety of services to new and established Cannabis businesses seeking information and assistance in managing the process of designing and building success in our industry.  

Our Library

The THC library of documents means our clients can quickly conquer the mountain of paperwork needed to establish and build a Cannabis business.  

  • Business Plans

  • Licensing Applications

  • Operations Manuals

  • Host Agreements

  • Presentations

  • LOIs and Leases

  • Banking Applications

  • Insurance  Applications

  • Hiring/Diversity Plans

  • Security Plans

  • Site Plans

  • Parking Mitigation

  • Community Outreach

Organizational Planning/Design

Careful planning and structuring of a Cannabis business is essential to its ability to receive a license and more importantly raise the significant capital needed for building your dream business.  


To date THC has helped raise in excess of $20M in funding.

  • Incorporation

  • Organizational Design

  • Share Structuring

  • Investment Requirements

  • Taxes and Fees

  • Board or Directors/Advisors

  • Capital Embracements

  • Regulations and Rules

  • Hiring Planning

  • Recruiting


One of the hardest parts of building a Cannabis business is finding a suitable location.  We work with landlords, designers and construction companies who specialize in our industry.

  • Locating Properties

  • Negotiating LOIs and Leases

  • Retail and Grow facility design

  • Parking Mitigation

  • Security Design and Application

  • Retail Operations Design

  • Insurance

  • Fee and Participation Structuring

  • Neighborhood Outreach


We are always up to date and on top of the latest applications and technology that drive this blossoming industry.  We only work with proven providers and tech that works!

  • Seed to Sale Systems

  • POS Systems

  • Grow Management

  • Text and Marketing

  • Web Design and eCommerce

  • Graphic Design and Packaging

  • Extraction Technology

  • HR Management Systems

  • CRM and Sales

  • Operations Management Software

Economic Equity Assistance

Our recent EE Applicant is on its way to being the first minority owned and controlled dispensary in the Boston area.  


We want to replicate and spread that success to this underserved community.


We offer all of our services to current EE Applicants and anybody interested in bringing this opportunity to their community.


  • Planning

  • Applications

  • Management

  • Funding/Investments

  • Community Government

  • Cannabis Control Commission

  • Priority Applicant Requirements

  • Hiring/Subcontracting

  • ADIs and EE Priority

  • Boards and Advisors


Thanks for submitting!

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